CommerceBlock is a public blockchain infrastructure company

We are building the first technology platform to bring a combination of trust minimized trade, decentralized contract execution, on-chain derivatives and asset backed token issuance to public blockchains.

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How it Works


CommerceBlock has a suite of tools for both end users and engineers to construct and manage smart contracts with escrow and complex trade flows. Our clients will have access to protocols that use advanced cryptography such as zero knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption. We have architected our platform to avoid being a central point of failure: all sensitive trade details and customer funds are managed on the client side.

Decentralization and Privacy

We understand your needs. Nobody wants their business logic posted on a public blockchain for competition to see. All business logic and contract details are hidden in zero knowledge on the most secure public blockchains in the world. Enjoy privacy and decentralized security at the same time.

Frictionless Commerce

Limited by a lack of liquidity, transparency and accountability between centrally managed financial institutions and their customers, capital markets do not operate as freely and efficiently as possible. By democratizing access to advanced smart contract tooling on public blockchains, CommerceBlock disintermediates and makes more efficient global trade. Now anyone can participate in online commerce without asking permission.


Token mananagement and distribution
Off-chain Smart Contracts
BIP Proposal
Zero Knowledge Proof
Ocean Network



November 2016

Alpha Command Line Release of Invoicing Platform

February 2017

Beta Web UI for Invoicing Platform

May 2017

BIP Specification for Invoicing Platform

August 2017

Token Sale Platform Release + Pre Sale

October 2017

Token Sale

November 2017

Launch of first asset backed sidechain

June 2018

Integration of BIP175 into sidechain protocol

September 2018


Nicholas Gregory

Founder & CEO
Background in technology and finance. Senior roles at Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan. Involved in bitcoin since 2012. Working in crypto space since 2015

Omar Shibli

Founder & CTO
Technology startup veteran having had leadership roles at Zocdoc and Eyeview, open source contributor to crypto projects on Github

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Our platform is built upon collaboration and decentralization, so are the rest of our resources.

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