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We are a team of engineers and builders on a mission to deliver privacy and digital asset infrastructure that is open source and user-friendly.

Team behind CommerceBlock.

Leaders in finance, cryptography, tech, and privacy.
Nicholas Gregory - Director, CEO. (LinkedIn/Twitter)
Dr. Tom Trevethan - CTO. (LinkedIn/Twitter)
Danny Masters - Director. (LinkedIn/Twitter )
Jon Matonis - Director. (LinkedIn/Twitter )
Bob McElrath - Advisor. (LinkedIn/Twitter)

Products and Services

Privacy layer-2 Bitcoin solution

We use statechains to power a Bitcoin privacy wallet with CoinSwaps. Swap history. Transfer UTXOs at no fees, off-chain.

Other Products

Trusted computing

MPC, HSMs, Intel SGX secure enclaves

Mainstay - Highly scalable protocol that enables generation and verification of trustless timestamps and proof-of-publication for arbitrary data or documents.

Asset Sidechains - Fully customisable federated and permissioned blockchains for asset-backed token issuance using our Bitcoin-based Ocean protocol.

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