Distributed Financial Infrastructure

We build infrastructure across public and permissioned networks.

Enabling the next evolution in financial infrastructure

CommerceBlock‘s public blockchain based infrastructure enables the distribution, exchange and storage of tokenized assets and securities. We have created an open-source ecosystem utilizing sidechains together with a portfolio of optional security services to combine the immutability and security of public blockchains with the flexibility of permissioned blockchains.

To facilitate seamless transactions and comply with regulatory requirements, we developed the Ocean sidechain codebase based on the Bitcoin protocol, including easy-to-use KYC, whitelist/blacklist and other regulatory functions.

Our Products and Services



MainStay is a protocol that allows to run highly efficient, scalable and interoperable sidechain ecosystems while simultaneously exploiting the full security and immutability of a proof-of-work public blockchain.





The CommerceBlock Team

CommerceBlock has a long history in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Our capable leadership combines several years of bitcoin, cryptography, software and trading experience. Consisting of Nicholas Gregory, Dr Tom Trevethan and Paulius Stakauskas, CommerceBlock is in the right hands to build complex blockchain infrastructure.
The company has a strong governance structure with board members such as Jon Matonis and Danny Masters who combine multiple years of technology and financial services experience.

Technology Consulting Services

Our consulting services are targeted to enterprise clients who are exploring how blockchain could be a value-adding factor for their business model.
We advise on blockchain infrastructure, systems architecture and regulatory support with a strong technical focus. Contact us to schedule a call.

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